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Forty-seven years' HR and employee relations experience wrapped up into a whole lot of common sense based advice.

Subscribers to may email questions about employer-employee relationships or other management issues, and receive answers usually within the hour.

Subscribers also have access to the entire site, and are licensed to use the policies and procedures, personnel forms, agreements and contracts presented so long as they remain members.

See "Subscription Benefits " for a detailed list of forms, articles, surveys, and policies.

Bulletproof Employee Handbooks

Protect your company while communicating what is expected of employees. If you need a handbook that is in compliance with state and federal laws, which can be modified in-house in a few hours, and is written in English not legalese, take a look at the details of The Bulletproof Employee Handbook.

Retained Services

Have an HR Manager on Call Without One on Payroll: We have been the outsourced HR managers (or assistant managers) for smaller companies and the management/HR consultants for companies for more than 30 years. We provide HR services to smaller companies that do not need a full-time HR Manager provided, of course, that the company has an office manager or at least one person supervising administrative details. We assist with every aspect of HR and management with the exception of retirement plans and health insurance benefits. Call for references.

Contacting Us: Click on "Contact Us" or simply email You may ask any question about our company, services, fees, subscriptions or books.

NOTE: After 37 years and effective within months, I will be retiring, providing services to retained clients and remaining subscribers only. I will continue for some time, however, to offer the Bulletproof Employee Handbook.

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